Waris speaks of the advantage of 5 points on Benfica

Waris was one of the many surprises booked by Sérgio Conceição for Liverpool in a game that coincided with the Ghanaian debut for FC Porto. It was still in Anfield that Waris made a living to the League.

«If the five points of advantage over Benfica give a comfortable margin? I would not say comfortable because everything is open. All games are very important and there are several to carry through to the end. We have to enter all the journeys as if they were final, to guarantee the three points. And it may be that one day that advantage is really comfortable, because it is not now, “he said.

As for the passage through Anfield, the African announced that he had brought home very favorable and stimulating memories. “The team was very good at every moment of the game. It was a shame to have conceded so many goals in the first leg. Individually, things went well for me. I got the ball many times and had fun. And our fans were amazing! They’re the best I’ve ever had. They want to be champions and we too, “said the forward.


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