Tianjin Quanjian denies rumors about Iniesta

Tianjin Quanjian issued an official statement in which he denies the recent rumors about the interest in hiring Iniesta.

The Asian club denied the information that it was trying to hire the Barcelona midfielder next season.

Recent speculations put Iniesta in Tianjin Quanjian, with an annual salary of 35 million euros and a curious bonus, two million bottles of wine production that Iniesta holds.

“Since March 6, 2018, several local media have quoted information that the Spanish player Andrés Iniesta would be about to join our club,” the club said in a statement.

“We solemnly announce that this information is false, and because of all the false stories about us, the club reserves the right to act legally.”

It remains to be seen whether the 8 jersey will follow the example of Javier Mascherano, a frequent figure in the Barcelona team over the last decade, who left Europe to play for Hebei China Fortune last January.


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