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The Raptors stop the refusal of Kawhi Leonard after a first meeting “positive”

The waters of Lake Ontario seem to begin to calm down after the storm unleashed in Toronto with the signing of Kawhi Leonard. A transfer that came wrapped in the controversy by the information that pointed to the refusal of the Californian forward to play with the shirt of the Raptors.

Leonard wanted to leave San Antonio at almost any price. However, Toronto was not his preferred destination and there was even speculation that the player would remain inactive throughout the season until becoming a free agent in the summer of 2019.

However, the situation seems to have softened after the first meeting between the Canadian franchise with the player and their environment. The journalist Bruce Arthur was the one who echoed that first meeting and said that the impressions had been positive in both directions.

“It was the first meeting since the transfer and the sensations were positive, there were no signs of resistance on the part of the player and neither did he express his intention not to play in Toronto, it seems that Leonard has opened his mind,” the journalist says.

A first change of opinion that clarifies the outlook for the Raptors, who now have another even more complicated mission: to convince Kawhi to sign a new contract with the Canadian team from July 1, 2019. They have a whole season to achieve it.

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