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The other ‘All Star’ of the Gasol brothers

The brothers Pau and Marc Gasol, who met at the All Star Game of the NBA in 2015, held at Madison in New York, where they made the initial jump, want to repeat it, but this time in the Fontajau pavilion in Girona. The reason is a solidary cause: raise funds for children who want to play basketball through scholarships that will coordinate the foundation of both players.
The Gasol, in full holiday period, made a hole in their agendas to present at the headquarters of its Foundation in Santboi the match of the stars, unique in Europe, to be played on July 8 and that will face Marc’s friends with Pau’s friends The official name is PauVsMarcGasol. The presence of other names of the NBA is confirmed like his compatriots Ricky Rubio or Juancho Hernangómez, or David Lee, current couple of the tennis player Caroline Wozniacki.
“We had been talking for a while about the possibility of a match between the two that would allow us to make the initial jump since the one from Madison I’m not sure who won it,” says Marc. “Pau’s advantage is that he takes me two centimeters, “he joked. “We want to share a moment like this with our friends and with the basketball fans that fill the pavilion.


“Since our foundation the scholarships will be channeled with the benefits obtained,” said the elder Gasol, who announced the presence of Juancho Hernangómez as the main novelty to the names already known by Juan Carlos Navarro, Felipe Reyes, Sergi Llull, Víctor Claver, Pierre Oriola or Fernando San Emeterio, among others. The brothers keep the letter of some other star for later although they warned of the difficulties that are being found by the NBA franchises to allow the presence of some of their players at the risk of a possible injury.

Lack of youth players at Barça

Juan Carlos Navarro, to whom the club has communicated that he does not have his services for the next season, is the last youth squad that triumphed in the basketball section of Barcelona. “I more than settle in the first team, I got up,” recalls Marc, who did not have the confidence of Dusko Ivanovic and that is why he left for Girona. “It’s surprising that there are no homegrown players when there are other teams like Valencia or Madrid that have a big block of nationals that give them identity.” Of the same opinion is Pau: “It is surprising that no Spanish players leave in general, there are no young players with a significant contribution in their teams”.

Continuity or not of Navarro

“I suppose Juan Carlos is talking to the club about the best way to do it, but he already said at the end of the league that he wanted to continue playing, Juan Carlos deserves special treatment for what he has meant and for what he will mean,” said Pau. . “He is a player who brings experience and accepts his role,” says Marc, who bets because he is still wearing shorts.

Continuity of Pesic in Barça

“It’s a joy that Pesic continues at Barça, he brought me to Barça after the triplet and when he went to Girona he took me with him”, recalls Marc Gasol, who is betting on the leadership in the locker room of the veteran Serbian coach. “He is a leader and when he enters a dressing room he attracts people, it is a joy for me that he continues to be linked to Barcelona because he left it and has returned in an excellent way,” he added.

The presence of the VAR in football

Pau and Marc continued watching the outcome of the third match of the World Cup between Spain and Morocco that brought the classification of the national team as first group thanks to the VAR gave the good two draw from Aspas at the same time confirming a penalty in favor of Iran versus Portugal. “I am in favor of the VAR because such important matches can be decided by a human error that we can all have, I think it should have been put before.”

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