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The LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan debate reaches the academic elite

The fashion debate in the NBA (well, has been in the league for 15 seasons) has reached the highest levels of academic life in the United States. A discussion that will never end and in which they have entered from stars of the NBA to personalities from all areas of American social life.

The last ones to join the discussion about who is better, Michael Jordan or LeBron James, have been among the institutions with greater tradition within the academic landscape in the US, such as Harvard and Yale. The two universities have taken the question to their respective discussion teams, who have presented their arguments to defend their positions.Harvard was the one who opened the fire exposing the importance of the brand Jordan and arguing that without Jordan there would have been no LeBron given the influence that had the myth of the Bulls in an Akron teenager who would become the ‘King’ of the NBA.

Yale’s turn. The center of New Haven raised as an argument the war that has been declared in the NBA to take over the services of the still player of the Cavs, to which Harvard recalled that Jordan did not need to change equipment during his career, forgetting his stage in the Wizards.

Yale continued with his argument in favor of LeBron and remembered what many people forget. The forward was able to overcome a 3-1 against in the Finals of 2016 before the team that had just signed the best balance in the history of the league (73-9). It was the moment in which Harvard assured that players like Ray Allen or Kyrie Irving saved LeBron in the moments of truth.

A dialectical battle that ended without a winner demonstrating that the debate is more open than ever.


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