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The Lakers: the plan is still LeBron and Paul George; Kawhi?

According to Adrian Wojnarowski (ESPN), the Los Angeles franchise continues with the same exit plan. And the playoffs could be decisive.

The Cavaliers suffer against the Pacers (1-1 that could be 2-0 Indiana) and the Thunder, against the Jazz (1-1 also). And while we think about the playoffs, the pairings, the keys and the possible crossings of semifinals, in the Los Angeles Lakers offices we closely follow the confrontations from a very different point of view: their future.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski (ESPN), the plan of the franchise remains the same: LeBron James and Paul George in free agency 2018. Two movements that would turn the current panorama and return to place the purple and gold of a stroke among the group of aspirants.

“We know his goals, and how these playoffs end for both LeBron and Paul George always has an impact on decision making, the Lakers’ plan we know about, and it has not changed: they want both of them. assured Wojnarowski yesterday.

And Kawhi?

Another name that has appeared in the last hours in relation to the angelina franchise is that of Kawhi Leonard, who still does not appear in San Antonio. According to Sean Deveney (Sporting News), the Lakers could attempt the transfer of the Spurs forward. His source, a league executive, says Kawhi (not a free agent), “a guy from LA,” would like to play in Los Angeles.


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