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The impune play of Antetokounmpo that incredibly did not see the referees

In the game tied and 4.7 seconds to play, Jason Kidd called timeout and decided to give the ball to Antetokounmpo. The Greek made a mate against Westbrook that ended up giving the victory to his team … in the most controversial play of the day. A basket that did not have to go up to the scoreboard after the forward clearly stepped on the baseline when entering the basket.

The repetitions clearly showed how the foot of the hellene surpasses the bottom line. After the angry protests of Westbrook, his coach and several members of the bench of the Thunder asked to review the play on television screens. Something to which the referees refused following the regulation.

“So that we can review a play the whistle must have blown on the court and this time it was not, so we can not review the play,” said Derek Stafford, referee of the crash.
“The referees and the league have to do something about this, obviously they have stepped out, everyone has seen it, personally I could not see the repetition because I was asking the referees to review the play and they told me I could not. something with which they and the league have to do something, “said Billy Donovan, technician of the Thunder, in the press room.


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