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The ‘El Niño’ lottery: the Draft will mark if Doncic leaves the NBA or not

In just over six months Real Madrid will know if he has to say goodbye to Luka Doncic or not. Everything will depend on the position in which he is chosen in the NBA draft to be held on June 21 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. All the forecasts point out, if there are no injuries or unforeseen events, that it will be safe in the ‘Top 10’. Many specialized websites rank him in the top five. If this happens, in Madrid the player is lost.
The rectors of the club and the section have assumed that they can not fight against the dreams of the player to succeed in the best league in the world, much less against the millionaire salaries paid by the NBA to its most outstanding rookies. Without going any further, last season Markelle Fultz, chosen number 1 of the draft by the Sixers, made his debut collecting seven million dollars. The salary scale goes down with the positions, but even the one chosen in fifth place, last season De’Aaron Fox by the Kings, is winning in its premiere 4.6 million dollars (see chart), a list unattainable for any team European.

But beyond money, always attractive, if Doncic is chosen, as it seems, among the top 10, it will be almost impossible for him to decide not to leave, because those positions of privilege guarantee the novices a privileged status in their teams that practically guarantees them minutes , something within the reach of very few in his first year in the NBA.
Dozens of NBA franchise scouts have traveled this season – and even last, when he was still a minor – on a pilgrimage to Europe to see Madrid’s ‘Niño Maravilla’, and most of them have been fascinated by the potential and the quality of the Slovenian, who is currently the second most valued player in the Euroleague and third in the League.
Luka, possible number 1?
Even one of those NBA scouts, who are prohibited from making public statements about players who watch or pretend, confessed to Eurohoops the most optimistic forecast for the white player: “If Luka Doncic keeps doing what he is doing, it will be number 1.” will reach especially if Chicago, Sacramento, Dallas or Cleveland get the election. ”


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