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The ascension of LeBron (to the kingdom of Jordan)

LeBron James is the man who is hard to forget because every year he plays the NBA Finals. He has just suffered his sixth defeat in nine appearances, the last eight consecutive, as in the 60s, when dominated by players dressed in green. That being said, he could be classified as a gaffe player. In this cursed catalog would be Elgin Baylor and Jerry West, who then shaped the logo of the championship. They were victims of precisely those players dressed in green, who were not gnomes but the fabulous Bill Russell Celtics. Nobody would deserve this long story after so much failure if it were not because in life we ​​love the losers who turn the corner without knowing where they are going. In that sense, the case of the forward of the Cavaliers is fascinating. He had everything very clear from the beginning. He triumphed before he triumphed. Hence, so much hatred. And yet, one fine day this season, while still fighting against the world that did not tolerate him, he has finished captivating us.

The human being, who understands defeat as something logical in his existence, always had difficulties accepting the victory of others. Yes it assumes as natural that there are better individuals than him. The big problem is that they tell it to your face. Think of Cristiano Ronaldo and the excessive affirmation of his talent and strength. He just said that the Champions should be called “CR7 Champions”. That’s why the Madridista, despite his overwhelming achievements, is not the most beloved soccer player in the world. That’s why all these years we hated LeBron, an arrogant man who always knew himself the best for being the way he is, for being able to prove it night after night, for being a singular athlete with an overexploited image, the player who was proclaimed king of basketball being still a Teen. LeBron was the saint of an altar where there was only room for a god, for Michael Jordan.

James always seemed a superior being. It was so special that when he got to measure 1.98 he stopped accepting that he was carved to increase the mystery that involved a physicist over human. They say it rises to 2.03. When he played in high school he looked like a man playing against children. It was early development, they said. After that, it was time to measure up to the men and it turned out to be a superman among mortals. And later evoked Thanos, the bad, bad, of the Marvel. Hence the tendency to consider him a villain, the racket in the affections, the simplicity of the analysis, as if it were easy to be the unlikely LeBron, as if it had no merit to think like a base, run like a forward and have the strength of a pivot ; Jump more than Jordan, throw almost like Bird and understand the game as Magic. We were not prepared for these mental schemes. The existence of the mutant who had much of the best of all our idols was unbearable. In video games we could compromise, in real basketball no.

Once at the Gasol house, talking about basketball while watching a game of the character who was 17 years old, Agustí confessed that astonished that this guy should put a handicap, a weight on the back, because his superiority, “was not normal.” We saw him then with the St. Vincent-St shirt. Mary, your institute. They already televised him. It was the year 2001, Pau had just arrived in the NBA, Jordan was going to leave after wearing the shirt of the Wizards and LeBron burst onto the media stage as a fantastic product that the NBA was going to serve on a plate to compensate in some way the nostalgic ones of the myth. It was suggestive, appetizing, it came through the eyes, but it certainly looked as artificial as a precooked dish. Then, LeBron James was the spoiler of an ending that we were not willing to assume under any circumstances: that some day someone would become better than the legend Jordan. Can not be!

The brands, like Nike, had given up and bathed him in gold when he had not played with the professionals yet. They were given based on millions and gifts as their first shoes, based on a flashy car, the Hummer. “How insolent LeBron!” Thought the great stars of the NBA and their fans, amazed at the check that made him a multimillionaire in a few hours.

In general, the fans, so visceral, positioned themselves without nuances against them, they celebrated the giant’s falls. Originally it was an unequal duel. LeBron vs. Rest of the world. Among the great demons of our time, James was the MVP because the fan simply envies virtue. The rise of social networks did the rest. The journalists filled hundreds of pages with their adventures, even before being a protagonist. That did not help to love him either. They wrote about the arrival in Cleveland from the modest Akron (the inconsequential city where Curry was born), from his televised transfer to Miami, from his first titles in Florida. Their misfortunes fared better than their conquests. In general, they did not pass a single one until he returned home, in 2014, to try to be a champion with his people, something he achieved in 2016.

We have started to love LeBron. There are reasons. And it’s not that he knows very little scandal, almost none, that he never forgot his origins in Akron, that he married his first girlfriend, the one from the institute, that looks after his family like a treasure because he knows what it is to grow up without a father, which allocates millions of dollars to scholarships for students, which is an activist against Trump. The fact is that LeBron is real. He owes his success to genetics, of course, and to work, to a thoughtful approach to address training and recovery after effort. He is an ambitious inveterate, a fan of improvement. 1.5 million dollars a year is spent on taking care of oneself. In 2015 some back problems confirmed that he was human. The back removed Larry Bird, Steve Nash. He put himself in the hands of Donnie Raimon, a biomechanist who was a SEAL for 15 years.

He has not had more problems, he returns to do more than 100 mates per season, and he is aging wonderfully like the good wines he likes so much. The others put the respect won drop by drop and his photographic memory, so amazing that elevates his game: visualize the situation of each player in dozens of plays of games of years ago. Big data Yes, Martian. It is not fixed when the trainer moves the pieces on the board, either from a Lue system or from a 2010 move with Spoelstra in Miami. That’s why he broke the slate of the locker room after the absurd throw of JR Smith that cost him the game at the start of the Final. A finger was left there. He competed the rest of the series against the Warriors with a broken hand. He only said it when his defeat was consummated, after 4-0. He did not make excuses. He scored 85 points injured. When he said goodbye to his teammates and rivals, in what could have been his last game with the Cavs, Curry applauded him. ‘The King’.


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