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Tavares: “Madrid has always been the team of my heart”

The new Real Madrid player Walter Tavares explained his first sensations as a Real Madrid player in an interview with Realmadrid TV. The pivot was delighted to reach the team of Pablo Laso.
The Cape Verdean center explained his preference on how to quote him: “I prefer to be called Edy, there was always a fight between my mother and my grandmother, my mother put Walter in the papers, and at home for friends I am Edy”.
He was also asked about his first feelings as a new white player: “I feel very proud, I had felt hope before, when I saw Real Madrid, because I am a football fan, I have been in Madrid for a long time. To feel the shield is a pride, I still do not believe it, it happened so fast that I still have not been able to assimilate everything. ”
He also commented on why he has chosen Real Madrid: “I have always followed Real Madrid’s football, it is a very successful team and as a child you always want to be with the winning team, and Madrid always won.”
Later, he indicated what his qualities are and what he can contribute to Pablo Laso’s side: “Especially presence in the defense, I always try to play with the maximum possible energy, and also in attack, without being intimidated with the ball in my hand, knowing what I always think that I have to improve, learn from everyone, keep working on my game, I have to learn from the experience of players like Reyes and Llull, who have been here a lot, listen to them and know what they have done. to be so successful on this team. “


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