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Stephen Curry, fined $ 50,000 for throwing his dental prosthesis in the direction of the referee

Stephen Curry, the Golden State Warriors star, was fined $ 50,000 for throwing his dental prosthesis to a referee during the Memphis Grizzlies match, won by the latter (111-101), announced the North American professional basketball league (NBA).

The coach of the game was removed from the field after committing this gesture, determined to be a contested decision at the end of the match. During the bus, his teammate Kevin Durant, who came to his defense, was also eliminated.

“I believe that once the referee saw the denture in the air, he had already made the decision, and I want to firmly say I did not intend to hit him or put him at risk.” It was stupid, “Curry said.

“I was in an intense moment of the game, I was frustrated because I had received a warning,” added the player, but he was not suspended.

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