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Stephen Curry became better encestador to be less spectacular

When Stephen Curry became the first MVP to be unanimous in NBA history two years ago, he did so largely because he had by far the best sprint season in history. It is true that his ability to hit 3-pointers receives the most attention (and in all fairness, due to the way in which he exceeded his own mark of triples achieved and finishing second in the league in terms of accuracy in baskets of 3), he tried of much more than just hitting the long distances.
Essentially he had the same effectiveness in 2-point baskets as Shaquille O’Neal in his season in which he won the Most Valuable prize and converted a greater percentage of baskets in the free throw line than Steve Nash, the most accurate shot putter. free of all time. Taking all this into account (baskets of 3, 2 and 1 point), Curry finished with a real percentage of baskets of 66.9, the best ever recorded by a scorer of 20 points per game. It is difficult to get the idea that someone can record a more complete season in terms of annotation.
However, here we are.
Prior to the day on Saturday, Curry’s percentage of actual catches is at 67.5. Once again, he leads the NBA in three-pointers converted per game with a percentage of baskets above 40 percent, just like in each previous season of his career. By adding its unparalleled domain of gravity from virtually any point within the lines and it is clear that the triple remains the key that unleashes everything else.
It is not a breaking news. Nor is it the reason why it has this historic season of baskets, if it maintains this rhythm.


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