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So are the draft options: Where will Luka Doncic fall?

The team with more chances to be the second to choose rookies, where the Madridista is expected to come out, are the Memphis Grizzlies.

After the dispute of the last day of the regular season of the NBA, we already know the options that have the fourteen teams that have not qualified for the playoffs to take the number one of the draft.

Since there is a draw to determine the order of election, these fourteen teams, the fourteen first positions in the draft, are known as “lottery elections”.

The odds of getting a better position are in reverse order of the team’s classification in the regular season, so that the worst of them, the one that has lost the most games, is the one with the most chances of getting the number one.

Thus, teams that are no longer in competition (in parentheses, victories and defeats in the season) are presented to the draft lottery:

1- Phoenix Suns (21-61)

25% of options to be number one in the draft and 64.2% to stay with a top three choice. The number one global aims to be DeAndre Ayton, pivot of the University of Arizona.

2- Memphis Grizzlies (22-60)

19.9% ​​of options being number one in the draft and 55.8% being a top three. That’s why the Grizzlies appear as favorites to take on Luka Doncic. The Real Madrid base is established as the second best promise of the year. Joining Marc Gasol would be a dream for the Spanish fans.

3- Atlanta Hawks (24-58)

4- Dallas Maverick (24-58)

Both the Hawks and the Mavericks, when finishing with the same record, have the same options in the lottery: 13.8% for the number one and 42.6% for a top three.

5- Orlando Magic (25-57)

8.8% for the number one, 29.1% for the top three.

6- Chicago Bulls (27-55)

7- Sacramento Kings (27-55)

Bulls and Kings, also matched in wins and losses, 5.3% for number one and 18.3% for top three.

8- Brooklyn Nets (28-54), for the Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cavaliers have taken less revenue than they expected from this election. With a 72.5% chance, they will be left with election eight. They have a 2.8% illusion for the number one.

9- New York Knicks (29-53)

The new Knicks coach has more than 90% options to choose a player between nine and ten.

10- Los Angeles Lakers (35-47), for the Boston Celtics or the Philadelphia Sixers

Important this. If the Lakers’ choice is between two and five, it goes to Boston. If not, it goes to Philadelphia. With that in mind, the Celtics will get a great first-round pick with a 2.9% chance. The Sixers, therefore, it remains in 97.1% of cases, with 1.1% options to take the global one.

11- Charlotte Hornets (36-46)

90.8% of options to stay in the eleven.

12- Detroit Pistons (39-43), for Los Angeles Clippers

This election flies way to Los Angeles thanks to the transfer of Blake Griffin. They could still keep the Pistons if it were among the first four, something for which they have a 2.5% chance.

13- Los Angeles Clippers (42-40)

The Clippers have more than 96% options to choose from in twelve and thirteen in a row.

14- Denver Nuggets (46-36)

In 98.2% of the scenarios, the Nuggets stay in this fourteen of the bitterness, the first of the unclassified for playoffs, the last of the lottery teams. A 0.5% to get the number one, and 1.8% to be top three, is the meager hope they have left.


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