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Sixers vs Heat: Wade retrieves ‘Flash’ and electrocutes the Simmons and Co. process

After 17 consecutive victories, and with Embiid on the bench, frustrated by not being able to help his teammates, the Sixers’ streak came to an end at the worst possible time. The Philadelphia franchise was surprised by the Miami Heat who tied the tie and stole the court factor in their favor to win 103-113 and put the 1-1 in the series.

Dwyane Wade was the star of the crash, remembering and showing the Sixers what it takes to win an NBA ring. He has three. The veteran guard scored 28 points and was commissioned to silence the Wells Fargo Center. Especially to a legend like Allen Iverson and Kevin Hart with whom he faced after scoring in front of Simmons.

‘Flash’ scored 11 of his 17 field goals and some decisive to nip in the bud any comeback attempt by his rival. “It’s in my DNA,” Wade said after the match, when they reminded him of a basket at half-time in the fourth quarter that froze the hopes of the local fans.

A hobby that saw how the match slipped from their hands – and with it the court factor – in a spectacular second quarter by the girl from Spoelstra. A partial in which Wade scored 15 points (two more than the entire rival team), hitting with his first seven field goals and passing Larry Bird as the tenth scorer in the history of the ‘playoffs’.

Goran Dragic accompanied the veteran escort with 20 points, while James Johnson was the third scorer with 18 points in a team that had up to six players with double digits in scoring.

The Sixers, who in the first game set a new franchise record with 18 triples, missed 16 of their first 18 shots from beyond the goal. A poor level of success, however, raised during the second half, reaching to get two points (96-98) with a basket of Ilyasova. At that time Wade took the reins of the clash and with a new basket put the end to the local hopes.

Ben Simmons was again the leader of the Sixers with 24 points, well accompanied by Saric, who scored another 23 points. However, the South Beach team missed too much the figure of a Joel Embiid who after the match posted a social media message in which he charged the Sixers for precautions with their injuries.

“Tired of being treated like a baby,” he wrote in social networks a pivot that is already waiting for the third stake in the series. “He’s a superstar and we need him, he always wants to play, we can not wait for him to come back and help us because we’re a better team with him,” Saric said after a crash that is already in the box for the Sixers.


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