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Selection of the night when Ben Simmons converted the best Sixers in history

When Markelle Fultz accidentally hit Joel Embiid’s face and sent the pivot to the operating room, many thought the Sixers would start their particular downhill just before the ‘playoffs’. Nothing is further from reality. On the back of a Ben Simmons, who rides unstoppable to the Rookie of the Year, and a spectacular Reddick Brown’s team has made history in recent days.

And he has done it twice. First to add 15 wins in a row, which is the best streak in the history of the franchise of the City of Brotherly Love. And second, he has placed himself on the verge of being the first team in league history to close a regular season with 16 consecutive wins if they beat the Bucks at home.

Simmons has been the key man in this spectacular streak, averaging 14.7 points; 10.1 rebounds; 10.6 assists, two steals and 60.8% in field goals in the 15 victories. Reddick, meanwhile, has averaged 19 goals and a great 63.5% in triples to complete a ‘Process’ with which nobody wants to cross in the ‘playoffs’.


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