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Russell Westbrook, turned on to think he was last chosen

While Russell Westbrook overwhelmed the Washington Wizards on Thursday with 46 points, thanks to 19 hits in 29 field attempts, including 21 points with 9 baskets in 11 shots in the fourth quarter of the 121-112 victory, he did it thinking it was the Last selection of LeBron James in the not televised All-Star Draft.
When asked about being selected by James, Westbrook started with a standard response.
“That’s great, man, that’s good, they finally managed to put the teams together,” he said. Then, from a nearby locker, Carmelo Anthony shouted, “Tell them how you really feel!”
Westbrook smiled.
“But I see that I was the last option on the list, I was just trying to figure out how …” Westbrook said, referring to a list that James tweeted.
Informed that the roster had been ordered in alphabetical order, an incredulous Westbrook yelled at Anthony: “Look, I told you, man! Alphabetical order, man! Of course I was the first!” Westbrook laughed away and continued with Anthony, “Of course, what are you talking about?”
Also from the note: On the list that Westbrook saw, the name right in front of him? John Wall. If there is anything that defines Westbrook’s personality and mentality, it is to take a slight perception as the last option, and to erase the next opponent in front of him.
“It was just alphabetic, it was alphabetic,” Paul George said with a subtle smile. “LeBron loves Russ, so I doubt he’ll choose Russ last.”
Westbrook was the engine that took the Thunder to its sixth consecutive victory, taking over, as both George (18 points with 6 of 19 shots) and Anthony (13 points in 4 of 11) had problems. Westbrook took charge, attacking the basket and dropping jumped shots midway.
“Sometimes you get caught watching a little and I have to remind myself: ‘I’m on a team with someone else who can do that,'” Anthony said of Westbrook. “Do some of the things you’ve been doing or are able to do or have been doing throughout your career, for me to be on the same side and not have to look for it every night and just take what the other Team gives us, it’s a wonder to see, especially when it’s working, when it’s clicking, especially now when we’re winning games. ”
Westbrook was electrifying, scoring his night with a dunk of ‘highlight’ in the last quarter.
“It was a good dunk,” Westbrook said.


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