Ray Allen reveals the ordeal that Rajon Rondo had in his last year at the Celtics

Ray Allen has revealed, shortly after being included in the Hall of Fame, that in his last year at the Boston Celtics, before joining the Miami Heat, he went through a Calvary because of Rajon Rondo.
Allen says that the base stopped passing the ball and that when he told his then coach, Doc Rivers, the coach’s response was “I know.”
In an interview for NBC Sports, Ray Allen reveals what was a horrible last year as ‘proud green’ because of Rajon Rondo, to which he refers without naming.
“There were times during the season when I started to feel that resentment towards me on the track, other people told me before, but I did not listen to them because I did not want them to get into my team’s problems and because they were my teammate. But people told me: ‘He ignores you, when you get out of a blockade, he sees you and does not pass the ball to you even if you’re alone. ”
“Even my family told me that because they were more focused on those details, that’s why I started to focus on everything, because people had opened my eyes.”
“And I went to talk to Doc Rivers: ‘Doc, I think he’s ignoring me and he does not pass me the ball intentionally, and I do not know why, I finish the plays you draw, and he does not pass the ball to me, before that , pull or go in another direction “.
“And Doc’s response was, ‘I know, the technical staff has been talking about that.’ I did not want to believe him. ‘So you knew this all the time and you did not tell me anything, you did not see me and, More importantly, you have not seen him? ”
“I think his response and his way of handling the matter made it clear that he wanted me to end up on the bench.”


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