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Olympiacos, Panathinaikos, the Greek ‘biscotto’ and the accounts of Real Madrid

The Euroleague arrives to its day of outcome and does it with several teams with the calculator in hand to see what suits them or who they will have to face in the quarterfinals based on their results. A final date that, to top it off, is played on two different days and at different times so that suspicions and possible ‘biscottos’ will be on everyone’s lips.

The Real Madrid will be one of the teams that more pending is than it happens in the rest of continental courts. However the whites will be the last to appear at the European concert and they will do so already knowing if they will be fourth (and have the court factor in favor) or fifths.

Everything will depend on the result obtained by the two Greek teams, who play before the whites. Panathinaikos will be the first to put their cards on the table and will do it before the Armani Jeans of Milan, which is not played at all. If the winners of Xavi Pascual win they can be third (if they lose their neighbors and lose Real Madrid), quarters (if they win Olympiacos and Real Madrid or if those of Laso lose against Brose) or fifth (if they win Madrid and lose those of Piraeus or if they lose their two rivals in the race).

Olympiacos will take the stage in second place (Friday, April 6 at 6:00 pm) knowing what their neighbor has done and will be able to ‘choose’ their result to try to avoid Real Madrid in the quarterfinals. Those of Piraeus can be third parties (if they win and even if they lose and win Real Madrid and Panathinaikos since they have an advantage in the triple tie) or quarters (if they lose, those of Laso also fall and Panathinaikos wins their match). Thus, the rojiblancos will be the judges of the day because depending on what their neighbors do they can choose results to try to avoid Real Madrid in a hypothetical crossing of quarters.


3rd Olympiacos (19-10, Basket Average: +18)

Third: If he wins Zalgiris or if he loses and wins Real Madrid and Panathinaikos because he has an advantage in that three-way tie.

Fourth: Loses to Zalgiris, Real Madrid lose to Bamberg and Panathinaikos wins to Armani Milan.

4º- Real Madrid (18-11, Basket Average: +181)

Fourth: Win and produce at least one of these two results: victory of Olympiacos or defeat of Panathinaikos. Or if, losing, the Panathinaikos also falls.

Fifth: Win but Panathinaikos also wins and loses Olympiacos. Or if he loses and wins Panathinaikos.

5th – Panathinaikos (18-11, Basket Average: +43)

Third: If both Olympiacos and Real Madrid win and lose

Rooms: If they win and lose Real Madrid or if they win and so do the whites and the Piraeus.

Quintos: If they win, Real Madrid beats Brose and loses Olympiacos or loses, and so do Laso’s.

Sixths: If you lose and so do Madrid and Olympiacos.


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