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Nba results, Indiana sends Belinelli to playoff. Harden enchants, Golden State k.o.

The victory of the Pacers also allows the 76ers to return to the playoffs after eight years. False steps for Spurs and Raptors against Bucks and Clippers keeping the playoff dream alive. Washington in freefall

Another round, another gift: the Rockets carousel continues to turn. The band of James Harden annihilates the Hawks and puts the 60th win of the season, with Barba to put the icing with a triple double with 18 points, 15 assists and 10 rebounds. A fundamental success of the Jazz, which take the Oracle Arena walking on what remains of the Warriors, still without Curry, Durant, Thompson and Green. Well the Celtics that knocked out the Kings dragged by the best Terry Rozier in career (33 points). The 34 points of LaMarcus Aldridge against the Bucks of a super Giannis Antetokounmpo are not enough for the Spurs. The Pacers who beat the Heat are smiling and take off a ticket for the playoffs. Lou Williams (26 points) leads the Clippers against Toronto and keeps alive the last hopes for a trip in the post season. Wizards increasingly in crisis.

Houston Rockets-Atlanta Hawks 118-99

The triple double by James Harden (18 points, 15 assists and 10 rebounds) puts the signature on the seasonal victory of the Rockets 60 (60-14), which, even without Chris Paul, close the doors of the Toyota Center in the face to the Hawks (21-53). The race has very little to say: Houston showcases all its superiority since the start, mortgaging the match already at the siren of long rest thanks to the tests of the Beard (albeit not very precise, with 6/15 from the field), of the boiling Gerald Green (25) and Eric Gordon (22). Atlanta can do nothing to stop the advance of the masters of the NBA, which fly on +13 in the first fraction and break through the wall of +20 in the 2nd quarter, without looking back. The guests try to react in the 3rd quarter, but the break of 15-6 (for -14) tickles the Rockets, who respond with a partial counter of 9-3 that brings them back on the comforting +20 and finally turns off the opposing hopes. The 28 points of Taurean Prince and 26 of Isaiah Taylor are useless to the Hawks cause.
Houston: Green 25 (5/5, 5/10 from 3), Gordon 22; rebounds: Harden 10; assist: Harden 15
Atlanta: Prince 28 (8/10, 3/8 from 3, 3/3 tl), Taylor 26; rebounds: Collins 10; assist: Magette 5

Golden State Warriors-Utah Jazz 91-110

It is certainly not an evening to be framed for Golden State (54-19): shortly after the statement of coach Kerr, which confirms the absence of Curry for the first round of the playoffs came the sound defeat against the Jazz (42-32 ) that take advantage of the many absences that have made the void in the Warriors house (Steph, Thompson, Durant and Green) and trim the knockout number 5 in the last 8 races. Utah, on the other hand, can leave the parquet floor of the Oracle Arena with a fundamental success in the playoff key, cementing the eighth place in the West (same record as Minnesota) with 1.5 races ahead of the ninth place in Denver. The (remains of) champions in charge are held in the wake for the first 24 minutes, starting, however, to lose contact in the second fraction. Utah, dragged by the play of Gobert (17 + 15 rebounds), Rubio (11) and Mitchell (21 and 6 assists), arrives at the interval on +6, with the impression of being ready to spread. In the 3rd period, in fact, the decisive attack: the triples of Ingles, the usual Mitchell and Rubio crown the break of 15-3 that breaks the legs to the Warriors, driven back in 4 ‘on the -21. The isolated solos Cook (17 and 8 assists) and Iguodala (12), the only 2 to close in double figures, are not enough to awaken the hosts, who sink up to the maximum -27.
Golden State: Cook 17 (6/13, 1/2 from 3, 2/2 tl), Iguodala 12; rebounds: McGee 9; assist: Cook 8
Utah: Mitchell 21 (4/11, 4/8 from 3, 1/2 tl), Gobert 17; rebounds: Gobert 15; assist: Ingles 8

Sacramento Kings-Boston Celtics 93-104

In spite of the numerous and heavy absences (Marcus Morris is the latest arrival in the infirmary with a sore right ankle, along with Hayward, Irving, Smart and Theis) the Celtics continue to win. Third consecutive success, with coach Stevens who can smile for the return of Jaylen Brown and for the best Terry Rozier in his career. The point guard from the duty to replace Kyrie puts the icing on the cake of his excellent period: 33 points (career high) with 12/16 from the field, including 8 triples and 5 steals, which hit the heart of the Kings (24-50). First time undertone of Boston, who suffers from continuous defensive amnesia and allows the Californians to put their nose forward thanks to the baskets of Hield (21, the best of his), Fox and Labissiere. Sacramento flies on the wings of 53.3% from the field taking the +8 at the interval. At the return the Celtics change gear, especially in defense. The percentages of the owners collapse (37.8%), the offensive fluidity is a distant memory (only 33 points in the 2nd half). Rozier climbs into the chair with 3 triples in 2’20 “while Brown (19 points in 25 ‘) serves as a co-star in the break of 18-2 which is worth overtaking and opens the door to the escape of the last quarter. The shots of the k.o. the heavyweights Horford and Baynes sink them, for the +11 that closes the accounts to 3 ‘from the final siren.
Sacramento: Hield 21 (5/9, 3/7 from 3, 2/2 tl), Labissiere, Cauley-Stein 14; rebounds: Koufos 9; assist: Cauley-Stein, Mason III 4
Boston: Rozier 33 (4/4, 8/12 from 3, 1/1 tl), Brown 19; rebounds: Monroe 8; assist: Horford 8

Milwaukee Bucks-San Antonio Spurs 106-103

Important victory for the Bucks (39-34) that thanks to the return of Giannis Antetokounmpo (25 points and 10 rebounds) beat the Spurs (43-31) for the first time at home after over five years. The Texans break the streak of consecutive wins to six despite the 34 points LaMarcus Aldridge and an excellent Pau Gasol 22 points and 13 rebounds. The Bucks start off strongly and dominate the first quarter, outrunning the Spurs physically and finding many points on the counterattack with Giannis and Khris Middleton. Popovich changes the cards going into defense and the guests return to the game with a 12-0 partial signed by Aldridge (32-32). After a first half ended in a tie the Bucks exploded in the third quarter, taking advantage of too many lost balls of the Texans to increase long thanks to Eric Bledsoe, which with a three point game packs the +15 (76-61). The hosts appear in control with Bledsoe and Middleton but the Spurs have seven lives and in the final shorten up to return on the -3 after an offensive rebound offensive by Gasol (106-103). The Texans would also have the ball to send the game to the extra, but the shot by Dejounte Murray ends short giving the Bucks the second consecutive success.
Milwaukee: Antetokounmpo 25 points (9/16 from the field, 3/4 from three, 4/5 tl), Bledsoe 23, Middleton 19; Rebounds: Antetokounmpo 10; Assist: Bledsoe 5
San Antonio: Aldridge 34 points (12/21, 10/12 tl), Gasol 22, Green 13; Rebounds: Gasol 13; Assist: Murray / Ginobili 3



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