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NBA Magic says: “We’re going to see a very different Lonzo Ball next season”

Magic Johnson is willing to make Lonzo Ball a true star of the NBA. And after working with the player, he is convinced that we are going to see “a different Lonzo and much more aggressive” next season.
In an intervention for Comcast SportsNet, the legend of the Lakers revealed that he had completely changed the game of Lonzo in three sessions this preseason, at the request, yes, of the player himself.

“We had three video sessions, yesterday it was the third, it was at his request, his choice, he called me to sit down and watch videos.”
“And I’ve changed a lot of things in his game, and I’m happy about that, if you look at his body now, it’s completely different from last year, he’s been working on his ball handling, his defense and his shooting.”
“You are going to see a completely different Lonzo Ball next season, I think he will be more aggressive and also make his teammates better, but capable of making his shots, because we will need his points.”

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