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NBA LeBron’s son and his school future point to Los Angeles as the destination of the ‘King’

The future of LeBron James continues to capture the attention of the entire NBA except for what happens in the Draft draw to be held on June 21. The decision taken by the forward of Akron will change the dynamics of the NBA in the coming years.

According to the New York Times, LeBron would have planned to meet with the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Los Angeles Lakers, the Philadelphia 76ers, the Miami Heat, the San Antonio Spurs and the Houston Rockets, although the latter would only do so should they get enough salary space. to be able to undertake his signing.

Of all these options, the one that forces the most is the Lakers after the confession of the former player Gary Payton to Sheena Quick, of BSO: the eldest son of LeBron, ‘Bronny’, committed to play the next season in the High School of Sierra Canyon, located in Los Angeles, where curiously coincide with the children of Scottie Pippen and Kenyon Martin.

“With a son at that age (13 years old), you do not want to get away from him for a long period of time.” The basketball season takes place during school time and I think that “Bronny” needs a father all the time. I do not think LeBron is that kind of father, I think he wants to be with his son and watch him play for a long time, “said the former Lakers baseman.

At the moment it is only a rumor spread by ‘The Glove’, although for now the direction of Sierra Canyon has ensured that the son of the eaves of Akron has not yet enrolled in the center, so it cools a bit the spirits and the possibility to see LeBron wearing yellow and purple next season.

In the middle of the season, ‘King’ James said his family would play a key role in his decision and Dwyane Wade, one of his best friends in the NBA, said the forward will prioritize more the welfare of his family and his lifestyle before basketball.



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