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NBA Kobe Bryant’s advice to LeBron James: “You must discover how to win”

When Michael Jordan chose Kobe Bryant as heir ahead of LeBron James he did it for that winning mentality and ambition that led the Lakers guard to conquer five NBA rings in the seven finals he played. A balance very different from the 3-6 that has the forward of Akron.That was his identity during his career: his murderous instinct to win. And that’s exactly what Kobe himself believes LeBron lacks and that he should be the next target in the successful career of the still-playing Cavaliers. And so he stated in an interview with Bleacher Report.

“When I was a kid, the only thing I thought about was winning championships, it was the only thing that mattered to me, that was why I was evaluating Michael [Jordan], Larry [Bird] or Magic … It was all like that, winning championships. everybody evaluates other things and it’s okay, I’m just giving my opinion, if it were LeBron … I’d try to figure out how to win, I want to win titles, I just need to figure out how. ”

Another of the indications that Kobe took to give LeBron is that he has to do less on the court, following the advice that he gave one day Phil Jackson: “He used to tell me this a lot, when he was doing too much on the court. to do less. “And I would reply,” Well, my colleagues have to take a step forward. “Then Jackson would turn and tell me: ‘It’s you who have to push the game through them.'”


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