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Madness in the last day NBA: face Mirotic, cross Pau and Ricky …

Everything that has happened in the closing of the regular season 2017-18: that’s how the playoffs are, the options for the draft lottery …

The Regular Season ends 2017-18 in the NBA and next Saturday the playoffs begin, which will end in 2018 finals that will be played from May 31 until, at most, June 17, when a hypothetical game would be played seventh game. After a frenetic race, the last night decided the last place (the Wolves were left) of the 16 that give access to the qualifying rounds and sealed the positioning both for that race for the title and en route to a lottery of the draft that was will be held on May 15, in Chicago. This is all that the last night of the regular season in the NBA has given:

– THEY ARE THE PLAYOFFS 2018: Minnesota eliminated Denver and enters by eighth place in the West. HERE YOU CAN CONSULT THE EIGHT MATCHES of the first round.

– SPANISH SIX IN PLAYOFFS: For the second consecutive year, six Spanish players will fight for the ring. THE HISTORY OF THE SPANIARDS IN PLAYOFFS, HERE.

-UNALTH IN MINNESOTA: The Wolves (112-106) took the first game in 21 years of direct elimination before the playoffs. The one who won came in and the one who lost was left out. The Nuggets fell in a dramatic duel resolved in overtime. CLICK HERE TO READ THE CHRONICLE

-WESTBROOK RETURNS HISTORY: Round night at OKC. The Thunder sealed the court factor in the first round and Westbrook added 20 rebounds, four more than he needed to average a triple-double for the second consecutive season. CLICK HERE READ THE CHRONICLE

-BAL FINAL FOR RICKY RUBIO: The Jazz could not win in Portland and lost the court factor in the first round. Now your route goes through OKC after an excellent Regular Season. CLICK HERE TO READ THE CHRONICLE

-MIROTIC CAN WITH PAU GASOL: Direct duel also in New Orleans, where the Pelicans overwhelmed the Spurs and got sixth. For Texans, bad drink: seventh and duel with the Warriors. CLICK HERE TO READ THE CHRONICLE

-The SIXERS DO NOT STOP: 16 wins in a row, 52 total and triple-double by Markelle Fultz. Nobody gets to the playoffs with better inertia than the Sixers of Simmons and Embiid. CLICK HERE TO READ THE CHRONICLE

-I HAVE THE EAST: In the way of the Raptors, the Wizards and LeBron James? THIS IS THE FACE OF THIS CONFERENCE TO THE PLAYOFFS.

– THERE IS POSITIONING FOR THE LOTTERY: After weeks of constant debate about the tanking, the cards are on the table in the face of the 2018 draft lottery. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE OPTIONS


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