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LeBron James proclaims “young King” Ben Simmons as successor

LeBron James indoctrinates his Sixers clone with a triple-double.

LeBron “presses” Simmons: “You have the opportunity to be better than me”

Since he was chosen as number one of the 2016 Draft, Ben Simmons was considered the new version of LeBron James, something that was confirmed by the Cleveland Cavaliers own player after facing him in a game against the Philadelphia 76ers.
LeBron, who had already given some advice to the Australian player, shared an image of both on social networks: “Keep it up! Do not accept anything that is not great! Anything else is not guaranteed.” Fight for greatness , young King. ”

But it’s not the first time that LeBron shows his weakness for Simmons. In summer, both shared a training field demonstrating the good chemistry that exists between the two. In fact, Philadelphia sounds like one of James’ possible destinations in 2018.

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