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“Kobe has been the closest thing to Jordan in the NBA”

During the majority of its sport race, Kobe Bryant had to support comparisons with Michael Jordan, or perhaps it was the own ‘Mamba’ the one that provoked them and it fed.
Someone who played with ‘Air’ in the Chicago Bulls and then analyzed Kobe as an executive, television analyst and coach may have an accurate perspective of what they meant and how close they were to each other.

Steve Kerr, current head coach of the Warriors, will witness luxury at the ceremony where the Kobe 8 and 24 will go down in the history of the Lakers and the NBA. And, of course, the logical thing was to ask him the question:
Are Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan comparable?
“Kobe is the closest thing Michael has ever had,” Kerr said. “Many players have been compared to Michael, like LeBron James, but I think LeBron is not that close, he’s a very different player with a very different mentality, Kobe is closer to the mentality that MJ had.”

And Kerr explains his reasons: “Mentality murders the ‘I’m going to cut your throat with my score, my movement to the low post, my feints, my shot, my footwork.’ I’ve always thought that Kobe’s footwork was one of the best parts of his game, and probably the most undervalued because everyone was focused on his shooting and his athletic ability, his footwork made his job so much easier, that’s why he’s so similar to Michael. I wanted to, I never feared anything, he missed a lot of winning shots, many, but if he failed, he tried again in the next game. “

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