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Kevin Durant arrives inspired on Christmas Eve

The feast of the Golden State Warriors is prolonged, this time the grandstand celebrates at home the relentless game of Kevin Durant who has made it more than clear because he is the favorite to take the MVP of the season, but what is the personal motivation of those baskets ?.
“I want to go home and enjoy the company of my mom and my brother who are here tonight,” he told ESPN Digital Durant when asked what he is sorry about this season “I do not know what’s going to happen tomorrow, I know we have another game , but I’m taking things in their time, that’s what I have in my head right now “he added after the Warriors’ victory over the Los Angeles Lakers by 113-106.
Durant took all the applause and 33 points that continue to crown him as king of the offense in the corridors of the NBA, in the last 7 games the star of the Warriors is averaging 32.3 points, 9.6 rebounds and 6.6 assists.
It seems that with or without Stephen Curry, who is out with an injury to his right ankle, the Golden State warriors do their own with whom they cross, and the Lakers have been clear from the beginning.
“There’s less pressure with Curry not being on the court of course, but we should always be more aggressive in defense,” Warriors coach Luke Walton told ESPN.
Durant who in the season averaged 26.3 points per game, presented a kind of nice joke that left behind the aspirations of Brandon Ingram to present the duel that everyone was waiting. In the last meeting of both franchises this season, the Lakers that reached to overcome a lead of 23 points, fell short again just minutes from the end. . “They’re very young, very talented, it’s a quick game, I like Kuzma, but they need more coordination,” said Durant about the great individual work of Kyle Kuzma, who averaged 17.7 points and 6.9 rebounds per game. sweat the shirt for the team.
Meanwhile, he will continue to enjoy an unbeatable present that increasingly generates more enthusiasm in the bay, in the league and around the world.


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