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Kabbalahs and numbers of the Baskonia to be sixth in the Euroleague

The Baskonia receives Anadolu Efes in the final day of the regular phase and with an eye on the crossing of the quarterfinals. The Vitorians have signed an immaculate March with a record of 11 wins, between Euroleague and Liga Endesa, and want to give their passionate fans the last victory.

The Turks come to Vitoria with nothing at stake and evicted from the start of the competition in what has been a bad year and has never been able to plant battle throughout these 30 games. In addition, the last bad results have generated discomfort in the Ottoman dressing room with the decision of his coach, Ergin Ataman, to impose punishments on his players for the bad image in the previous match in the domestic tournament.

Everything is presented to be the victim number 12 of a Baskonia in a state of grace. The Pedro Martinez secured the ticket to the quarterfinals last Thursday and want to shore up their place in the next round among the European elite, in which they have been in 11 of the last fourteen seasons. The Baskonia will fulfill its part of the equation, but the mystery will be cleared with a delay of 24 hours, because part of the future and final position of the people of Vitoria will play in the duel of Piraeus, between Olympiacos and Zalgiris on Friday.

Counting on the Barça and Greek triumph against those of Kaunas, the Baskonia would conclude in sixth place and in this way both sets would play a ticket for Belgrade in May. However, those of Spanoulis are in a position to be able to choose a rival and with a defeat against the Baltics, Olympiacos and Zalgiris would face again in the quarterfinals, condemning the Baskonia to face the Fenerbahce ogre.

Caballos on the margin the Vitoria are now one of the most uncomfortable rivals in the entire Euroleague with a run of six wins in the last month, something that nobody had achieved in the Euroleague and with the March MVP, in the hands of Tornike Shengelia. The only shadow in this baskonist oasis is the figure of Janis Timma. The Latvian suffers a blow in the left elbow, which prevented him from playing the weekend in San Sebastian. Liquid has been extracted from the joint and its presence on the court will be doubt and a mystery until the last minute. In any case, everything indicates that you will choose the precaution not to force or risk any blow that could lead to an even greater setback.


Sixths: Yes: Win and lose the Zalgiris

Seventh: Yes, Win, but Zalgiris is also imposed. Or if he loses, but Khimki also falls.

Eighth: The Khimki loses and wins.

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