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Iris Mbulito, MVP of the European sub 20, already dreams of the national team

Iris Mbulito, European champion with the Spanish U-20 team in Hungary, where she was also chosen as the best of the tournament, is knocking on the door of the absolute national team, although she recognizes Efe who gets nervous just thinking about it.
Just arrived at the airport in Madrid, Mbulito is exultant with the title harvested in the final against Serbia.
“If the first day of concentration told me that I would win the European and would be chosen best player of the tournament I would have laughed out loud, because the team was very green, I do not know if the nerves of having a new coach (Miguel Méndez). I was not expecting all this, after returning from my injury and having barely touched a ball, “he admits.
The versatile island player has been rewarded for the work done in recent years, in which she has had to overcome serious injuries to her left knee and shoulder.
“We are all very happy and more, if possible, in my case, because the injury I suffered in the left shoulder (which prevented him from playing the promotion phase with the Spar Gran Canaria in Valencia) really lowered my morale, as I was In a good enough moment, the important thing is that now I am well and happy, “he says.
Iris was vital in Spain’s move to the semifinals, with a winning basket just seconds before the end of the match against France.
“The truth is that in principle I had not given much importance to that basket, but when I checked that we qualified for the semifinals I was very happy, we had to be vertical and try an entrance to the basket, and that’s what I did when I arrived the ball, with confidence, and luckily I put it, “he recalls.
After that victory against France (51-50), the national team was intractable in the semifinal against the Netherlands (64-42) and in the final against Serbia (69-50).
“Knowing that we had beaten France, we were aware that the other matches would be simpler, although we could not trust,” he says.
The player formed at the base of the Spar Gran Canaria has said that she gets nervous just thinking that one day she could debut with the Spanish national team.
“Just training with the senior team would be happy, if they give me the chance to debut I would see a dream come true and I would not have words to express it, because right now it’s something I do not even think about,” he says.
Iris Mbulito also says that she dedicates this European title to her mother, Puri, ex-player of the team from Gran Canaria presided by Domingo Díaz.
“Due to the injuries I have suffered in recent years, I decided to leave this sport, although my mother has always been there, supporting me,” he remarks.
Now, after a few days of rest, Iris will travel next August 9 to Arizona (United States) to join the team of the Sun Devils, with which the University League will play.
“I’m really looking forward to winning this title with the national team, in which I’ve also been accompanied by Naira Cáceres (also from Gran Canaria) and Lola Pendande (as well as Iris and Naira, ex-Spar player), who have been two partners in the I have supported myself a lot, “he concludes.

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