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In the Euroleague … nobody plays more than Juan Carlos Navarro

When Juan Carlos Navarro had seven of the 15 minutes that he played on the track against CSKA, ‘la Bomba’ knocked down another barrier in the Euroleague. At that time he became the player with the most minutes on track. And in the Euroleague, nobody plays more than him.
Before starting the clash against the Russian team, Dimitris Diamantidis led the list with 7,967 minutes, six over Barça. After the clash against CSKA, Navarro is now the absolute leader with 7,976.
‘La Bomba’ not only dominates the aspect of the minutes in the Euroleague, it is also the one that has played the most matches, the one that has scored the most points and the one that has tripled the most, showing that it is one of the great legends of the competition .

The list of the 10 players with the most minutes
1. Juan Carlos Navarro, 7,976 minutes
2. Dimitris Diamantidis, 7,967
3. Vassilis Spanoulis, 7,195
4. Nikos Zisis, 6,751
5. Paulius Jankunas, 6,573
6. J.R. Holden, 6,553
7. Milos Tedosic, 6,122
8. Sergio Llull, 5,902
9. Felipe Reyes, 5,804
10. Gianluca Basile, 5,769


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