‘Galacticidio’ to Parisian

‘Galacticidio’ to Parisian

The PSG of 858 million euros collapsed. Emery changed to Mbappé … for Lass. Al-Khelaifi: “Winning the Champions League is a slow process …”

The hypertrophied PSG based on stars ended up kissing the canvas. One more time. With 858 million euros spent on signings in the last five years (Neymar, Mbappé, Di Maria, Cavani, Thiago Silva, David Luiz, Pastore …) has not yet overcome the barrier of the quarterfinals of the Champions, the obsession in Paris. This time, they did not even fight. A global 2-5. A Galacticide to the Parisian.

The cord that joined the luxurious necklace that has basted Al-Khelaifi has broken and the pearls scattered. Neymar, injured, but for the fourth year in a row will be in Brazil on his sister’s birthday. Cavani, deranged with Casemiro, only shot once yesterday. Verratti, who was denied the start of Barça in the summer, was expelled. But the face of PSG’s frustration was Mbappé. Emery ended up replacing him … for Lass.

“We had very well prepared the system that they could use and Zidane was right, we have hurt them”, was the summary of Ramos about how they cooked PSG. Libération put in the pillory, precisely, the tactic of Emery. “For the return, went to the epicenter of the locker room and recovered Thiago Silva and Motta, something that can be interpreted as pragmatism, cowardice or renounce their ideas. And Madrid won the mother of all battles: play the ball. ”

Disappointment. PSG, which is bankrupt because of its trident like Madrid for the bbC, do not forgive him in France (‘The enormous disappointment’, called L’Équipe) or in England. “With the 1-1 threw the towel, do not leave the Champions as a big”, was the diagnosis of Lampard in BT Sport. In Turin they agreed last night with sarna of Dani Alves (“I left Juve to win a Champions League”, he said in January) and on the other side of the pond, Clarín went to the synthesis: “Many millions, resounding failure”.

“You have to analyze everything with coldness …”, defended, aseptically, a sweaty Emery in the microphone of Susana Guasch. But Al-Khelaifi seems to have other plans. He also went before the cameras. And although he started conciliating (“Winning the Champions is a slow process”), he left a disturbing message for his still coach: “We will talk to the players …”. Of course, advanced that will insist on its model: “We have to see how to strengthen the team.” Or what is the same, more aces for a deck with which the PSG fails to win the games on the European rug.


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