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Dwight Howard: “I’m a good person, I’m not a cancer for the wardrobe”

Dwight Howard’s career has had to live with two major criticisms. One is to be a very overvalued player, something that only ‘Superman’ can keep from happening. The other is to be a toxic player for the dressing room.

Of this last spoke the pívot to try to convince to the one that it creates that it “never would try to destroy a team”. Howard tries to shake off the reputation of conflicting player and reputation, undeserved according to him, to be a cancer in the locker room.

At 32, Howard will start a new stage in his career this season by signing for a year for the Washington Wizards after buying his contract from the Nets.

“My vibrations are always good,” Howard said in a video for Instagram. “I’m not a bad person, I’ve never been a bad person in the dressing room, they’re just lies to try to justify my transfers or my exits, but anyone who knows me, on or off the court, will know that I’ve never been a hole, I’ve never been a bad person, I would never try to destroy a team, but that’s the legend they say about me, because they can not say anything else. “At one point they said that he was a good partner, that he smiled too much at the But I managed to drive my happiness to the Finals. ”

“He’s a great signing,” said John Wall, “just after we met the signing of the Howard Wizards.” It’s a great opportunity for us to have a great interior presence of someone who wants to correct his career. I know he will come focused to show how good he is and help the team. It’s going to be fun to have him around here. ”

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