Crisis office with more lawyers

Francisco J. Marques, communication director of FC Porto, is one of the main targets of the “crisis cabinet” announced by Luís Filipe Vieira, president of Benfica, in the communication he made on Saturday after the match with Feirense.

Those incarcerated will go ahead with several prosecutions, in addition to those already delivered, in order to pressure the judicial authorities to accelerate investigations into alleged crimes of infringement of computer correspondence, in the face of the public disclosure of numerous emails with confidential. Benfica hoped that by this time, searches or other diligences had already been carried out in order to find out how the responsible officer obtained this correspondence.

Vieira de Almeida and Associados, Abreu Advogados and Correia, have been in charge of the “crisis cabinet” that Vieira has announced for some time: he is coordinated by João Correia, a lawyer who leads a work group composed of at least three large law firms: , Seara, Caldas, Simões and Associados.

Still, and at the request of the eagles, will be effectively reinforced in number of elements as of Monday, in order to expedite several legal actions to be delivered in the respective instances during the coming weeks targeting whoever, in one way or another, put the eagles’ names on the spot in order to hold visas accountable.


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