Coentrão and the tears in Astana

Fábio Coentrão’s world-wide record of tears ran out on the bench next to Bruno de Carvalho after replacing Astana in the Europa League’s 16-round final.

The lateral, in an interview with the Spanish newspaper Marca, spoke now about this moment lived next to the leader of the club of Alvalade:

“Our president has these good things. Likes to be next to the player. When you came to hug me, I felt something good inside me. People say things later but do not know what they’re talking about. I will not tell you what happened to me that day. The truth stays with me. Say what you like. ”

Anyway, Coentrão ensured that he was well at Sporting Clube de Portugal, where he has been able to counter criticism that he has had little use in recent years at Real Madrid: “This year I speak in the field. I learned from Cristiano that this is the best: talking on the pitch. That is the best answer. People said that he would not play, that he was coming to Lisbon on vacation. To those I am going to ask you a question when the season is over. I’m playing 31 non-injury games and I’m fine. I want to hear who spoke ahead of time. “


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