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Baskonia last won the place in the Euroleague play-off

In the Euroleague Basketball League, the last play-off was revealed when Vitoria Baskonia won the sixth consecutive victory, substituting Maccabi at 83:72.

The winners were Johannes Voigtmann with 14 points, Patricio Garino added 11 points and Rodrigue Beaubois 10 points. The most effective Maccabi was Pierre Jackson with 14 points.

In Basconi, it was the 16th victory next to 13 losses, which led them to the last play-off, or eight better ones.

In other games, teams that played in the home room could not win. Fenerbahce was 73:64 better than Moscow Himki, Barcelona beat Anadolu Efes 107: 83 and Milan Olimpia got 83:78 from Bamberg.


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