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Basketball, women: brawl in Under 18, broken the nasal septum to a girl

Incredible in Rivoli in a match of Cup A: after a game clash degenerated into a fight, a player of Polisportiva Pasta, intervened to calm the spirits, was hit with a fist an athlete of the Green Count and ended up in hospital.

The match between Conte Verde Rivoli and Polisportiva Pasta, the 3rd round of the consolation group Cup A category under 18 women, ended last night at the Natta gym in Rivoli. Following a battle of game degenerated in a fight, a player from Polisportiva Pasta, AG, who had intervened to calm the spirits, was hit with a fist in the face by an athlete of Count Green, SM, and suffered the fracture of the nasal septum. And to say that the game had begun on the tracks of absolute tranquility; then, suddenly, in the third quarter the tension went up to the stars for a contact between the player M.D. and the Reverend S.M. The two girls are caught, insulted and deserve a double technical foul by the referee Claudio Seffusatti Rivoli. All finished? In no way. Because in the last period, during an attack by the Green Count, M.D. catches a defensive rebound, but S.M., still unnerved by what happened a few minutes before, is not there and reacts badly: push the opponent, the spring slap, while M.D. reacts with a shove. The result is a fight with the immediate intervention of the other players who try to restore calm; but in the A.G. she is hit with a fist that causes her to break into the nasal septum. The young athlete of Polisportiva Pasta is immediately rescued, accompanied first in the dressing room and then by her parents to the hospital for investigations, while the referee Seffusatti decided to close the game there. “I have no words for what happened – explains the trainer of Polisportiva Pasta, Andrea Rebecca Duò – I have never in years been a coach and a player to witness such a scene. Both teams were in shock and the Green Count’s players were very pleased to check on the condition of our athlete, apologizing for what happened “.


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