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Basketball, Serie A: ruthless Goudelock, Cantù falls, the derby is from Milan

Milan first spreads and then risks, but super Goudelock signs the derby against Cantù. No problem for the tricolor of Venice against Brescia and at least second place mortgaged. Avellino meanwhile with super Rich (31 points) has no problems on Pesaro. Vola Varese: fifth victory in a row. Trento is a roller: espugna Cremona and is eight wins in the last nine outings. In the evening postpone, shot salvation of Capo d’Orlando who wins after four months storming the parquet of Brindisi

After the Saturday advance, with the victory of Virtus Bologna in Turin, the 26th round of the Serie A championship is completed today, with Venezia-Brescia a great match of the day, also lit by Cantù-Milan. It closes with the postponement of 20.45 Brindisi-Capo d’Orlando, decisive in key salvation.

PISTOIA-SASSARI 69-80 The tranquility that Markovski transmits to his boys has clear evidence in this trip in which the Banco di Sardegna wins in comeback and holds on to the playoff area. First success of the Macedonian technician, who draws from the deck the best Hatcher of the season, able to be the needle of the scale (11 in a row), after an uphill start. In the second half Sassari defends strong and annihilates the Pistoiesi. Precision from 3 and rebounding are the winning recipe in the first quarter for the Tuscans, who immediately try to escape. At 5 ‘we are already 18-10 on the conclusion from the arch of Moore, while when he imitates McGee Pistoia team is an extraordinary 5/6 in the triple. At 7 ‘Magro signed 23-12, Markovski opts for the small quintet and bears fruit by bringing the islanders closer to a 2-10 split, while the Banco in the 13’ is at -4 after the heavy conclusions of Polonara and Tavernari ( 28-24).

Esposito adopts his countermoves and the red and white attack returns to mesh, before Gaspardo re-establishes the distances then the metronomist Moore re-orders and this time the break of 10 to 2 is for the hosts, writing on the scoreboard 38-26. In the second half it is quite another music. The Banco di Sardegna is driven by the inspiration of Willy Hatcher alone split the game in two, making a third quarter of 15 points and overturning the match as a sock. His triple the draw, overtaking and lengthening between 28 ‘and 30’ that stretch Pistoia (53-61). Shortly before a technician to Ivanov at the time of tarnishing of Pistoia paves the way for the Sardinians who do not have major problems to put the fourth and healthy, even with the contribution of Polonara that starts to pit from the distance. The Flexx no longer has the strength to straighten the match. (Filippo Laico)
Pistoia: Gaspardo 13, Moore 12, Mian and McGee 10.
Sassari: Hatcher 20, Bostic 16, Bamforth 14, Polonara 13.

AVELLINO-PESARO 103-81 No problem for the Sidigas Avellino that smoothly acquires the practice Pesaro conquering the third consecutive domestic victory in 7 days between league and cup. The Irpinia have returned to shine after a period of decline and now they are confident of winning the Europe Cup final on Wednesday in Denmark against Bakken Bears defending the +3 of the first leg. Jason Rich’s extraordinary performance confirms that he is becoming more and more mvp of the championship achieving 31 points in just 22 ‘of play, with coach Sacripanti who also found Filloy, in the field for 20’. Nothing to do for a Pesaro where to highlight the Clarke-Mika couple with 46 points overall. Pesaro pushed by an irrepressible Clarke (10 points in the first 4’30 ”) starts well (18-23), but Avellino responds on the other side with a devastating Rich (15 points in 10 ‘) that triggers the partial 13 -2 which overturns the score with Sidigas which closes the first quarter on 31-25. Avellino continually finds the long-range shot (8/12) and at 15 ‘stretches on 46-35. Pesaro does not want to immediately raise the white flag and reacts: Braun with a 4-point game and Mika place an 8-0 that at 17’30 ” reopens the games (48-45). But the men of coach Galli are struggling to defend and so D’Ercole and the usual Rich immediately sign a counter break of 11-1 that allows Avellino to go to rest along on 59-48 with the challenge to the sound of points between Rich (22) and Clarke (21). Pesaro with Mika tries the new return (61-55), but Avellino breaks out with Rich and Fitipaldo placing a partial 16-2 that at the end of the 26 ‘closes the games with the Sidigas flying on +20 (77-57). The irpini insist with the baskets of Scrubb who fix the score on 84-61 at the end of the third quarter. In the last period Avellino manages the advantage with coach Sacripanti who preserves Rich, Fesenko and Leunen in view of the Europe Cup commitment. (Domenico Zappella)

Avellino: Rich 31, Scrubb 14, Fitipaldo 12.
Pesaro: Clarke 24, Mika 22, Braun and Bertone 12

VARESE-REGGIO EMILIA 80-73 The decisive run-up to the Varese playoffs continues, which, even allowing just one minute to Dimsa, just to replace the injured Wells, hits the fifth consecutive win taking Reggio Emilia out, the third misstep below and grappling with the heavy absences of Della Valle (back problems) and De Vico (contusion to the tibial plate of the right leg). Varese immediately tried to take the upper hand and the first ten minutes were like a deafening solo by the hosts, dragged by the usual Okoye and Avramovic. With 64 per cent shooting (7/11) and a 3/3 from the arc against 0/6 by three from Reggio Emilia, which from the field began with a scarce 31 per cent (4/13), the Lombards they managed to fly also at +20 (28-8), closing the first quarter, after the unsportsmanlike foul by Tambone, ahead of 18 (28-10). The large margin did not depress the ready guests, indeed, in the following fraction to raise the percentages, pulling with 69 percent (9/13) against 40 percent (6/15) of Varese, which suffered 9 -0 signed by White and Cervi, passing from 42-24 to 42-33, and closing the first part of the game ahead of only eight points (43-35). In the second half Reggio Emilia insisted reopening the games with Chris and Julian Wright, the latter’s author, of the minus two: 47-45. The fourth foul by Vene at 24 ‘is a tile for Varese that seems to have run out of gasoline, while White signs overtaking (49-50) from the bow in the middle of the third quarter. The men of Caja take pride, being dragged by Vene (51-50) and by captain Ferrero (53-53) but the team of Menetti makes a new partial (6-0) to move up to +6 (53-59), while at 30 ‘the advantage of the Emiliani is four lengths (55-59). Varese equalized with two free of Cain and a basket of Natali (59-59) and put his head ahead thanks to Ferrero (61-59), before the triple of Llompart of 61-62 and the basket of Chris Wright (61-64 ). The hosts lost Vene on 35 ‘and 28 “for the fifth foul, below three, but two shots from three of Larson and Okoye relaunch Varese that 2 minutes and 21 seconds from the siren is ahead of two points (71- 69) and has the ball in his hand. The Cain dunk, which uses an assist of Avramovic, sends the home crowd to the encouraging 73-69 which follows the devastating triple of Larson for +7 to 47 “from the end. White then created two free (76-71) and on the opposite side was Avramovic to do the same (78-71). In the lunette then goes Llompart for another 2/2 (78-73). To close the game is the crush of Cain (80-73). (Filippo Brusa)

Varese: Avramovic 21, Cain 15, Okoye 14
Reggio Emilia: J. Wright 17, C. Wright 16, White 14

VENEZIA-BRESCIA 68-61 The Umana mortgages the second place (68-61), dominating three quarters of the match and risking the insult in the last fraction. Bramos, absent with Avellino and Reggio Emilia, returns to De Raffaele, while Jenkins wins the runoff with Johnson, Diana postpones the debut of Cotton confirming both Moore and Moss in the roster. Tomas Ress celebrates the 150th match in the league with Umana, Ortner’s third season challenge against Venice, having faced her first in the first leg with Avellino and then with Brescia. Physical race, Human reactive in defense with Marquez Haynes inspired in attack (16-6, 3/3 of the tricolor play). Defense without smearing dell’Umana, which blurs the direction of Luca Vitali and does not enter the Landry game, on the opposite front is Daye (0/7 shooting, but 6 rebounds) to make too much mistakes. Brescia goes back to -5 (16-11), then Ortner signs the -6 (21-15) at the first siren. The Germans fatigue in attack, too many balls lost (9 mid-race), the start of second quarter sees another shoulder of the Umana (30-16), then also turns on Bramos (34-20), Diana has very little from the bench in the first half of the race (2 points of Ortner), but Brescia manages to close the fraction with only 9 points difference (36-27). It takes very little, and the champions light up, it is the case of Daye, two points from free at mid-race, 7 points in a row at the beginning of the third period (45-30), with the Germani starting to skid, Umana spreading (50 -30). Brescia is without ideas in attack, thanks to the technician Diana, Venice rises to +23 (57-34), before 5 points in a row by Michele Vitali (57-39). Last quarter that starts on the +18 for Umana (59-41). Brescia, however, does not yield, even if he loses Hunt through injury, Moore reignites the Germani (59-45), Traini reports the Leonessa even at -11 (59-48), before the time-out of De Raffaele. Race not yet closed, the Reyer breaks up and Brescia dreams (59-52), incredible match with a 16-3 the Germani is there (62-57). Peric moves away from Venice (66-57) from the lunette, Biligha imitates him (68-59). Brescia surrenders. (Michele Contessa)

Venice: Haynes 15, Peric 14, Bramos 10, Biligha 9, Daye 9
Brescia: Michele Vitali 16, Moore 10, Hunt 10, Landry 10

CREMONA-TRENTO 89-96 – The magical moment of the Dolomiti Energia continues, at the fourth consecutive victory, eighth in the last nine. Trento also goes to Cremona, dominating for 30 ‘after 22-22 of the first quarter. For the Lombards it is a false step that weighs in the race to the playoffs. You play a first quarter at very high rates, because both teams agree to run (almost) all the possessions pushing in transition. At the opening 0-6, opened by a 4-point play by Silins, Fontecchio replied (6-6) and the two teams remained in constant contact (22-22, 10 ‘) in the first quarter, because Trento had more mental presence at offensive rebound (4 to 1), but Cremona pulls better from three (4/9). As soon as the team of coach Buscaglia raises the defensive intensity, produces break and maximum advantage: 9-0 in 2 ‘(22-31), 19-3 in 5 (25-41), with 15 points of the bench and 4 of Hogue, impregnable in the area. Ruzzier plays the charge, the Lombards adjust something in defense and come back to the surface (39-44) before the long break, but then the 5-0, in the lunette, of Sutton puts 10 points between the two teams (39-49, 20 ‘). When returning from the locker rooms Trento is perfect, also because the area of ​​the owners grants too much in the corners. Gomes first scored first, then Gutierrez, Flaccadori and Silins (50-64, 24 ‘). Then the game seems to fall asleep, until the last Cremonese assault when it seems all over. At the moment of greatest effort the Lombards climbed, a couple of times, up to -12, then to -9 (81-90, 37 ‘) with the first and only basket of Travis Diener, and at -6 (86-92) with the fourth triple of Fontecchio when exactly 100 seconds are missing. Johnson-Odom loses an important ball, on the other side Gutierrez closes with the basket from the average (86-94). (Alessandro Rossi)

Cremona: Sims 20, Fontecchio 18, Johnson-Odom 17
Trento: Gutierrez, Silins 15, Sutton 14

CANTù-MILANO 93-98Milano does not give up the summit, collects the 162nd derby with Cantù avenging the defeat in the Italian Cup in a fiery PalaDesio. On the run in the second half the red and white thanks to Gudaitis and Jerrells, Cantù proudly returns to -4 dragged by Culpepper and Smith, decides the final one unleashed Goudelock. Start immediately intense with Milan going ahead with the baskets of Abass and M’Baye, respond Burns and Smith for 5-5 after 3 minutes. Cantù tries to exploit all the versatility of his quintet, EA7 that leaves the score in the hands of an inspired Goduelock, 10-10 sealed by the penetration of Culpepper. Race at high speed and early tensions with repeated protests by Burns, Tarczewski’s solitary dunk, 12-15. From the timeout of coach Sodini comes out a Red October even more angry, wasting some free too much Olimpia and immediate comes overtaking after a good counterattack closed by Burns, 17-15. He shuffles the Pianigiani coach cards that changes the pair of guards, immediate dividends for the Tuscan coach who collects two spells of Jerrells and the buzzer beater of Bertans for the white-red extension, 18-24. There is a lot of Smith and Thomas in the biancoblu return at the opening of the second quarter, Milan struggles to find the way to the basket but holds thanks to a pair of paws Bertans and Gudaitis, 24-28. Kuzminskas was also keen on the Milanese side, despite Smith and Culpepper’s flare-ups getting the maximum advantage from EA7 in the 16th minute after Jerrells’s 5 points, 32-41. Cournooh plays the charge for the hosts, the energy of an adrenaline Thomas for the two sunk of minus 5, 39-44. Goudelock re-enters and rejects the first assault from Brianza which is worth the 9th at the interval, 43-52. The former Maccabi opens the dances after the long break for the first double-digit margin of the red and white, comes the fourth foul of Tarczewski but Olimpia remains in control thanks to the unsportsmanlike Thomas, 46-60. Chappell and his teammates try to tighten the defensive shirts, Culpepper is the soul of the Brianza resistance, 61-68. The coach Sodini area creates more of a problem for guests who come out of trouble thanks to Jerrells’ blitz and Gudaitis’s solidity, Goudelock’s buzzer beater ends the third period, 63-72. Accused the blow the Red October, partial open 12-0 which is pure oxygen for guests who fly up to 17 with Bertans and Kuzminskas, 63-80. Do not miss the heart and grit to Cantù trying to get back into the game, Smith and Thomas and still the area report under the biancoblu, 72-80. The PalaDesio is inflamed after the technician assigned to Chappell, Cinciarini the more 12, 74-86. Thomas struggled like a lion and Cantù charged with his head down in the final, Culpepper missed the triple of the minus 2 before going out due to an ankle problem. Goudelock embodies two masterpieces, stoppata and treble on the siren, and then a nonsense, technical foul for an altercation with the public, 85-92. Smith has an enormous pride but splits two free fundamental, still Goudelock for the triple that smells of victory, 86-95. Do not shake the hands of the red and white from the lunette in the final, of Cinciarini the free of the stirrup, 93-98. (Marco Taminelli)

Cantù: Smith 26, Culpepper 20, Thomas 17.
Milan: Goudelock 22, Gudaitis 16, Jerrells 12.

BRINDISI-CAPO D’ORLANDO 74-75A Capo d’Orlando beats Brindisi after an incredible race decided to last possession and feeds the hopes of salvation the same that the Happy House will have to chase in the next four races. The start of the race is all of Betaland brand with a much more solid approach than that shown by the owners. The Sicilians play without anxiety and on the velvet on the Stojanovic-Knox axis the latter in double figures (11, 5/6 from 2) after 7 minutes. The + 6 outside (9 ‘, 18-12) does not shake Brindisi which proves to have great difficulty in putting in rhythm its protagonists. In addition, complicating things is the supremacy of the rebound in Cape attack always ready to monetize second chances. The Happy House in total psychological block against the various defenses ordered by the guest bench, fails to make even the most basic solutions. Then, two consecutive triples (Suggs and Mesicek) are able to provide a new oxygen to the Brindisi attack (15 ‘, 25-27). The race is very open but full of mistakes. At 2 ‘from the end of the second quarter Brindisi loses Moore through injury. Swear marks immediately presence with a triple and a shot from below that is worth the advantage inside the long interval (20 ‘, 35-34). In the second half Brindisi has another face: two consecutive triples (Giuri, Smith) raise the morale of the home fans (24 ‘, 47-41). Capo is less bright and the Happy House takes advantage to lengthen (27 ‘, 55-47), expanding the two possessions of advantage. A three-point shot from Atsur shortens the distance again (59-55) before the last 10 minutes of fire. Capo is alive and responds blow to blow to the attacks of Brindisi that still fails to settle the decisive shoulder (35 ‘, 69-67). Suggs from three extinguishes the ardors of the Sicilians (36 ’72-67). Then the unsportsman at Mesicek reports the hosts to manage only one advantage possession (72-69) to 2’35 ” from the end. It’s a high voltage ending. Knox scores the basket of the -1 to 51 “from the final siren (74-73). Atsur commits a foul sending Mesicek in a line that makes 0/2. Capo has 8 “and the throw-in in the attack zone. Knox leans on the board for the momentary +1 (74-75) with still 4 “to play. Smith wastes possession that could be worth the victory. Betaland (Giuseppe Mazzone) wins with merit.

Brindisi: June 17, Suggs 12, Mesicek 11, Lydeka 10
Capo d’Orlando: Knox 27, A. Smith 14, Faust, Likhodey 10

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