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Basketball, A-2: Penultimate crackling, Fortitudo and Casale, which hits

One day from the end, upsetting at the top of both groups. Trieste to the East loses with Udine after two extra times and gets to reach from Fortitudo; Scafati to the West, go k.o. in Treviglio and Casale blinds the record

The penultimate return of A-2 gives emotions and upheavals at the head of both groups. A Est Trieste gives up at home after two overtime in the derby with Udine, and is hooked to the summit by Fortitudo (which sweats but wins against Piacenza): you decide everything in the last day. In the West group the opposite happens: Casale blinds the first place by beating Legnano and taking advantage of the defeat of Scafati in Treviglio. If they want to finish first, the bells next Sunday must win the direct fight with the team of coach Ramondino of at least 22 points. Behind the leading pair in the East, Treviso secures the third place dominating in Roseto. Montegranaro loses in Imola and must look back, where they climb Udine and Verona (corsair in Forlì). Ferrara returns, which stops the Jesi race. At the end Bergamo continues to dream, conquering Ravenna, while Mantua finds the victory, even if irrelevant, on the field of Orzinuovi. To the west there is Biella which consolidates the third square, winning without worries in Naples. Tortona chases her, checking the Cagliari after a long game below in the score, with a basket of Melvin Johnson. Buzzer beater also for Trapani, who wins on Latina and keeps a foot in the playoffs together with Rieti, winner in the derby with the Eurobasket. Agrigento falls at home against Reggio Calabria, but remains among the first eight. At the end of Virtus Roma victory over Siena, but will still playout for the team of coach Bucchi.

THE MATCH – We could have expected a fought and exciting race, but that the derby between Giuliani and Friuli would have ended up like that was frankly unpredictable. Udine – who came from three defeats in a row – won after two overtime, dragged by a majestic Kyndall Dykes, author of 27 points, of which ten – all decisive – in the second additional. When everyone was dragging along the field, in search of the last energies, he still had the strength to guess how to play a very high coefficient of difficulty. For the team of Lardo is a hyper-deserved victory: forward from 13 ‘, Udine touches the maximum advantage (+11) when they are missing just over 4’ at the end of regulation time. There is no match because Trieste – without the title play Juan Fernandez – can not overcome an impressive defense: after 35 ‘, the Dalmasson team – which usually exceeds 80 points – is stopping at 48. Then three triples of row (two of Cavaliero and one of Mussini, only talent) reopen the race, and Trieste could also close it, if Green did not make 1/2 from the line. It seems that the inertia of the match is turned in favor of the Dalmasson men, led by a fiery building; the pride of Udine, however, is too strong: in the first overtime Bushati and his companions keep a bang despite Bowers is immarctable, in the second they take home against everything and everyone. It is the first time that the Alma Arena falls this year: the last was in last year’s final against Virtus Bologna.

THE PROTAGONIST – Treviso risked a lot in the away match in Roseto, a field where lately both the Fortitudo and Trieste were sweating, and where Mantua fell after an overtime. Coach Pillastrini had to give up two pillars like Fantinelli and Swann, as well as an excellent wingman like Eric Lombardi. In an emergency situation like this, it was necessary for the survivors to play a game above average. Michele Antonutti, the real driver of the Treviso team, did not ask: he hit the opponent’s basket repeatedly, from the beginning of the match until the game was closed. He scored almost every time he raised his hand. He was the protagonist of every phase: the first quarter break; the second stretch, when the Shark seemed to be able to return to the game thanks to 2-3. And then the blow of the k.o. in the third period. A good business card in view of the playoffs: 29 points in 32 ‘, with 10/16 from two and 7/8 from three, 6 rebounds, 2 recoveries and 2 assists (37 evaluation).

TOP FIVE – Laurence Bowers (Trieste) 26 points in 32 ‘, 6/7 from two, 3/6 from three, 10 rebounds, 3 blocks, 2 recoveries, 2 assists (39 evaluation). Bobby Jones (Mantova) 22 points in 35 ‘, 6/11 from two, 1/2 from three, 10 rebounds, 2 blocks, 3 assists (35 evaluation). Jerai Grant (Ravenna) 23 points in 29 ‘, 8/10 from two, 7/7 free, 6 rebounds, a blocked, 2 recoveries, 2 assists (32 evaluation). Pendarvis Williams (Agrigento) 22 points in 37 ‘, 5/7 from two, 3/5 from three, 11 rebounds, one blocked, 2 recoveries, 6 assists (35 evaluation). Patrick Baldassarre (Reggio C.) 21 points in 35 ‘, 5/9 from two, 1/2 from three, 9 rebounds, 4 recoveries, 6 assists (39 evaluation).

THE SURPRISE – Amazing Treviglio! The team of caoch Vertemati, who had floated a long time in the lower areas of the standings, even risks to enter the playoffs, thanks to the third consecutive victory. This time, however, it is a really heavy and unexpected success, because it came against the highly-launched Scafati, the second in the standings. Once again the absolute protagonist was James Frazier jr, author of 27 points in 33 ‘, with 5/10 from three, three rebounds and five assists. Since the US guard arrived, Treviglio has never lost: with Scafati there was only equilibrium in the first quarter, ended with the bells ahead by three points. Then in the seconds 10 ‘a partial 33-18 has effectively closed the match: Scafati has not been able to return to the game, suffering at the end of 99 points. Now Treviglio is ninth, just two points from the playoff area, but has the advantage of having to recover the home game against Reggio Calabria (Thursday, April 19). He had to save himself, and with the victory over Scafati he is mathematic: now the dream playoff is difficult, but believing it costs nothing. Between Thursday and Sunday (transfer from Biella) everything is played.

RESULTS AND CLASSIFICATION A-2 EST – Ferrara-Jesi 75-58, Imola-Montegranaro 73-65, Forlì-Verona 75-85, Fortitudo Bologna-Piacenza 76-70, Ravenna-Bergamo 79-81, Orzinuovi-Mantova 87-99 , Trieste-Udine 79-85 d. 2 t.s., Roseto-Treviso 80-98. Ranking: Trieste, Fortitudo Bologna 42; Treviso 38; Montegranaro 36; Udine, Verona 34; Ferrara, Ravenna, Jesi 32; Imola 30; Mantova 26; Forlì 24; Piacenza 22; Bergamo 20; Roseto 12; Orzinuovi 8.
RESULTS AND CLASSIFICATION A-2 WEST – Trapani-Latina 84-83, Tortona-Cagliari 77-76, Agrigento-Reggio C. 86-88, Treviglio-Scafati 99-88, Naples-Biella 62-92, Rieti-Eurobasket Roma 74 -61, Virtus Roma-Siena 68-66, Casale M.-Legnano 64-59. Ranking: Casale M. 42; Scafati 40; Biella * 36; Tortona, Legnano 34; Trapani 30; Agrigento, Rieti 28; Treviglio *, Latina, Siena, Cagliari 26; Eurobasket Rome 24; Virtus Rome * 20; Naples 6; Reggio C. * 0 ^. * One game less; ^ 34 penalty points

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