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Basket A2, Trieste-Udine: high altitude challenge with a view on the playoffs

Two days from the end the Julian-Friulian derby between two teams that aspire to the post season. Trieste has won 5 of the last 6 races and is leading the group East, Udine has instead slipped up to seventh position

A nice derby between Giuliani and Friuli two days from the end of the regular season of A-2: what to ask for more, as an appetizer for the playoffs? On the way out he won Udine, which was going through a magical period: for Trieste it was the second seasonal defeat, the perfect car of the start of the season began to waver. The situation has now definitely changed, especially for the team of coach Lardo who, after running for a long time in the first positions, is in free fall: the qualification to the playoffs is almost certain, but has slipped to the seventh position and could even end eighth . For Trieste instead – after six k.o. in a row away – the worst seems past: he has won five of the last six races, falling only to Jesi after an overtime. He has kept the primacy in the East by clenching his teeth: a sign of strength and maturity. To complete the work and have the mathematical certainty of the first place a victory is enough: for Fortitudo it would become unattainable.

Here Trieste – The climate in the city is the classic of every derby, if possible even more electric, since the team is on the launch pad for a post season in which it is one of the favorites. The Alma Arena will be completely sold out (with 600 guest fans) for an appointment that only those who live in those lands can fully understand. To mitigate the rivalry between the fans, in recent days the two companies have organized a relaxing meeting, with smiles and handshakes between their presidents and captains: an appreciable initiative, to bring any antagonism to the purely sporting sphere and remember that basketball it’s a party first of all. The team of coach Dalmasson is charged, the various injuries that have undermined the performance seem to belong to the past. But it will lack the playmaker holder Juan Fernandez, as talented as fragile and unlucky: to block it is a tendonitis to adductors, is doing different workouts waiting to be able to return to push on the muscles to 100%.

Here Udine – Really complex moment for the team of coach Lardo, who has not won three games in a row and has been swallowed in the large group from fourth to eighth place at 32, along with Jesi, Ravenna and Verona. The crisis is not only in the results, but also in the game: both in attack (from three does not enter), and in defense, where once Udine made the difference. Now the Friulian club must guard against the possible return to play of Ferrara (ninth with 30 points) and Imola (tenth to 28): possible hypotheses, however improbable, but with a win the playoffs would be certainty. If he falls in Trieste, the Friulian team could still qualify, in the case of a series of favorable results from the other fields: victories of Jesi in Ferrara, Montegranaro in Imola and Verona in Forlì. If it does not happen, he can still play everything on the last day against Imola, in front of the “Carnera” audience. Returning to the basketball game, Sunday there will be the debut of Troy Caupain, coming from Lakeland Magic, team of the G League Nba: will replace Veideman, appeared lately really subdued. The Estonian has not been cut: from time to time you will see who keep out among the three foreigners.


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