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Barcelona has been trusted by Olympiacos

Barça is this. Or should it always be in the new Sito Alonso era. A team with hunger, intense, where everyone adds up and with an impossible defense. This version was the Olympiacos in the Palau and ended up run over after the break, with differences of 20 points in the last quarter. A ball of oxygen deserved, and necessary, for the culés after five consecutive defeats. The Greeks, with a very low score, fell for the first time in this Euroleague.

The 0-6 after two minutes made Barcelona nervous, aware of their urgency. That’s where the uncertainty ended. The Sito reconduyeron the situation and got into the match full with two triple followed by Koponen (10-12, min.7). The first quarter, in silence until the fifth minute and then flooded with loud political chants, ended in a draw (14-14), although in the following measures the host grew. With a 5-0 he put seven up (23-16) and held the distance.

The triple of Roberts found a quick replica of Pressey, although the azulgrana mattress went down before the break. The free throws of Printezis and Mantzaris and Papapetrou’s points narrowed differences in the last minute (29-26). The defenses sent and nobody could escape in style on the scoreboard. Just before the break, Seraphin forced a 2 + 1 (32-26).

The ones from Sito got stuck in the restart and gave up the draw very soon (32-32). Roberts, Milutinov and Papanikolaou. Although the Barça woke up on the basis of triples: two followed by Moerman and one of Pressey launched the Catalans. Koponen completed the climb (45-34, min.26). The balance was maintained until the last quarter (49-41) thanks to the defensive concentration of Barça.

Sito Alonso had Olympiacos tied. A 6-0 with Heurtel points, very active in this period, Ribas and Oriola drew the maximum of the match (55-41, min.32). All added up in what ended up becoming a monologue. With four minutes to go, the difference went up to 20 (68-48) and he no longer left the light. An end to the bad spell that, interestingly, helps Real Madrid to take the lead.

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