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And after 1,540 days, Marc Gasol missed a basket!

Marc Gasol lived before the Pelicans one of the strangest nights since he came to the NBA in 2008. The Spanish center played 20 minutes in the defeat of the Grizzlies, time in which he only threw three times to basket and did not hit with any of throws, staying at zero in his locker in scoring.

The game against New Orleans is the third in the career of Marc Gasol in which he remains blank in scoring.

It happened on January 15, 2014, 1,540 days ago, in a clash against the Milwaukee. That day the Spanish pivot also played 14 minutes in which throw four times to basket without success. The then rookie Marc finished with five rebounds in the Grizzlies’ 77-82 victory over the Wisconsin franchise.

The match, inconsequential for the Tennessee franchise, was the clash with the fewest shots to Marc’s basket in the last three seasons when he also executed only three shots against the Clippers. Sant Boi is averaging 17.4 points per game with a 42% shooting percentage in the field, a far cry from the numbers signed on one of his most gruesome nights in the NBA.


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